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Hope Refuge School Funding Needed

Here is the latest from Hope Refuge:

Dear family and friends,

As you may know, part of Hope Refuge's array of services for our residents is our on-site school. This gives our young ladies a chance to catch up and get ahead on education without having to go outside our facility. Having the school onsite allows our residents the opportunity to learn in a safe environment and not be distracted by what they have access to in a public school setting which would sabotage their program.

We are in partnership with Vista Real Charter High School, a non-profit school that offers personalized learning, career training, and life skills. They provide customized packets that allow our residents to study at their own speed with one-on-one guidance from the staff. Everyone has been working really hard to maintain a fully operational school system and we continue to learn as we go.

Our biggest challenge to date is funding, and this is where we need your help. In order to run our on-site school, it costs at least $12,000 per month, and expenses include salaries, learning materials, and other resources. Hence, we are in need of your financial support to secure all that we need to keep our school open. Every dollar will help ensure a brighter future for our young ladies.

At Hope Refuge, we are not letting the pandemic affect our efforts in providing a secure and loving place for our girls. Their journey is also our journey, and we remain committed to staying the course and improving our services. We are confident that we will be able to do so with your sponsorship and continued support. Thank you so much!

Many blessings, Chuck, Sally, and the Hope Refuge family

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