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Need for More Fresh Start Bag Funds

The Victim Witness program of the D.A.'s office connects directly with local survivors and provides for their needs through Fresh Start bags and the Flexible Local Dollars Fund (FLDF). The Interfaith Collaborative and faith communities put together 15 of these Fresh Start bags last year.

The Victim Witness Department recently informed us that they are all out of bags and need more. This is good news: 1) girls are being taken out of unhealthy situations, and 2) our assistance in this tangible way is valuable to the girls and their care providers. Likewise, the FLDF (Flexible Local Dollars Fund) has been useful for many specific needs of the survivors, and the fund is now nearly empty.

Since COVID-19 complicates the logistical details of assembling Fresh Start bags as a group, a more efficient option--for the time being--would be to contribute funds to the FLDF which could be used to purchase Fresh Start bag items. Terri, our Fresh Start bag leader and expert, has streamlined the shopping process and is willing to do the assembling of bags if the funds can be donated.

Please consider if there is a group you're a part of that could contribute jointly towards this need for survivors in our community.

Donations to the FLDF can be made here: (select "FLDF")

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