Special Holiday Survivor Trees of Life Project

Survivor Trees of Life

The Interfaith Collaborative cordially invites you and your faith community to partner with the Human Trafficking Task Force to give specific local trafficking survivors (identified through the DA's Office Victim Witness Program) an extra special blessing this holiday season. The Survivor Tree of Life Project is a way we can make visible the fact that we are all connected to one a tree, each part nurtures and brings life to the other parts. When one suffers, we all suffer; when one is lifted up, we are all lifted up.

This holiday season, we want you and your faith community to join us in showing care, nurturing, and support to our local survivors by adopting one or more Survivor Trees. Terri Speier (our Tangible Needs Organizer Extraordinaire) has organized Seven Survivor Trees of Life, each with an estimated cost to fulfill all of the requested items for that Tree. One special Survivor Tree contains items to bless a certain survivor along with her family, as they will be together for the holidays. For a sample list of items for Survivor Trees, please click here. Here's how the Survivor Trees of Life Project works:

1) Reply to this email here ( or requesting a Survivor Tree of Life packet (this includes the list of printable tags, and a master list of tags that will be hung on the tree).

2) Designate a tree (it could be a mini palm tree, an olive tree, an evergreen tree, that signifies life to your faith community) in an area that is visible to your faith community.

3) Decorate your tree with tags listing items (with their estimated price) that would be needed to bless particular local survivors.

4) Ask people to take a tag home with them and bring back either the item itself listed on the tag, or $ donation to buy that item, by December 15th. Keep track of who takes which tags (on your master list), so you can contact them if necessary.

5) Return the collected donations and funds to Terri Speier ( by December 15th, who will deliver all Survivor Tree of Life Items to the DA's Office.

We realize this is a large ask, and apologize for the rushed nature of this request!

....we also recognize that this is the season when we as people of faith celebrate miracles that break into our world in unexpected and wondrous ways, bringing life, light, hope, and joy with them. Let's see what we can do together to pour out special blessings on our local survivors this holiday season!

Thank you for your compassionate heart in action!

The Leadership Team

Interfaith Collaborative

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