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Yoga and Surf Shops Campaign

Building Awareness and Donations for Local Survivors

At the SAFE House where survivors are recovering from their traumatic experience of being commercially sexually exploited, yoga and surfing are used as a core element in the healing program. Thus, the SAFE House has an ongoing need for yoga outfits and swimsuits in all different sizes. Our campaign will consist of contacting our local yoga and surfing stores, explaining the need, and inviting the business to be involved in two possible ways: 1) donating some of their inventory, and/or 2) allowing a donation box to be left at their location that would provide the opportunity for their clientele to make donations. This will allow us to build awareness in the wider community about trafficking in Santa Barbara, making it “2-for-1”: meeting tangible needs and education!

Adelle will be heading up this team of 3-5 people. Tasks along the way: create a list of local yoga/surf shops, create written material that would present the need to the business owners, make in-person connections at the locations, and create visuals/written material to present information to the public. The timeline for this would be about 2-4 months.

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