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Parent/Teen Cyber Smarts Campaign

Teaching our Kids to use the Web Wisely

The internet plays a pivotal role in today’s sex trafficking. In previous generations, we’ve equipped our children with street smarts; now it is necessary to equip them with cyber smarts, as well. Predators are creative and dauntless--we and our children must be more so. The web can be an amazing tool for connection and information, but must be used wisely, and has the potential for both good and bad. How do we protect our children and guide them effectively through this web? Our next Collaborative educational initiative will explore this topic!

Christy will be heading up a team of 3-5 people, to plan out a one time event, or an ongoing campaign for Parent/Teen cyber smarts. This team will: research possible resources (websites/books/videos/speakers), decide on content, format, publicity, and put on one event, or finalize our campaign education module (which would be reproducible). We hope to collaborate with people already knowledgeable in this field to amplify this information to the greater faith communities audience, engaging youth groups and parents.

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