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Interfaith Collaborative Against Human Trafficking

Santa Barbara County


About Us

In response to the alarming increase in sex and labor trafficking within the region, in 2013, the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's Office formed the Human Trafficking Task Force. The task force is comprised of state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as non-profit and faith-based organizations, working to assess the scope of the problem locally, offer access to training opportunities, develop protocols and improve law enforcement and victim service response. 


The Interfaith Collaborative is a network of faith community members, acting as a branch of this Task Force, coordinating, educating, and empowering the faith-based communities to informed, local action. Together we are dedicated to a victim-centered approach to combat the commercial sexual exploitation and labor trafficking of human beings.  

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What We Do

Coordinate, Educate, and Empower Faith Communities for Local Action

The Interfaith Collaborative is currently building a network of faith communities dedicated to the abolishment of human trafficking in the Santa Barbara area. By joining this network, faith communities receive access to education about human trafficking by trainers equipped through the District Attorney's office, are alerted to ways they can meet the tangible needs of local survivors, receive updates on local trafficking, and stay in the loop for more action opportunities. Below are ongoing ways you and your faith community can join us!

Interfaith Collaborative Meetings

Currently we keep our meetings and communication online, via zoom and email, communicating opportunities for action as they arise within the community by: checking in with working groups, facilitating awareness events and trainings, hearing updates within the Human Trafficking Task Force, connecting people with new action pieces to fight trafficking, and strategizing new methods in equipping more faith communities for local action.

Click below to receive regular email updates of how to partner with us:

In the meantime, continue reading for ways to plug into specific areas.


Meet Tangible Needs of Survivors

Through our network of faith communities, we raise support and collect items, including basic necessities that survivors will need to begin their new life of freedom. These items are requested from and donated thru the Task Force via the DA's Office. Aiding the Task Force is our group's primary objective.

To donate directly to our Flexible Dollars Fund (funds that specifically go toward meeting the immediate needs of local survivors as needs arise through the Task Force), click here:




In addition to supporting the Task Force we also help to communicate the needs of survivors who are residing in local safe homes: Hope Refuge (youth survivors--short term residential), SAFE House (youth survivors), and Living Arrows (transitioning adults). We keep partners updated for relevant current needs through our communication network. If you would like to see these organizations'  current needs lists, check them out here: 

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Human Trafficking 101 Trainings

We coordinate human trafficking trainings in faith communities within the Santa Barbara County. Each Human Trafficking 101 Training is presented by a representative trained through the District Attorney's Office. Our hope is that each faith community in the area will receive these trainings, so we are a community that is informed, mobilized and empowered to combat trafficking. All workshops and webinars are currently being offered online, via zoom meetings.

For a larger group (such as an entire faith community or community organization), the following trainings can also be coordinated: CSEC 101 (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), Panel Discussion, Trace the Case training. If you, your faith community or group are interested in participating in or hosting any of these presentations, please fill out this form:


Don't know which training would be best? Email us to find the best fit for you, your faith community or group at

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

Martin Luther King Jr.

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  • STAND - Online Orientation
    Time is TBD
    Online Conference
    Time is TBD
    Online Conference
    Take a STAND against human trafficking. Learn about the Interfaith Collaborative and how you can join our efforts to combat local human trafficking. Wednesday - February 1st - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM Saturday - February 4th - 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM Sunday - February 5th - 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
  • DA's Office Special Donation Requests
    Accepting Donations Now, click on DETAILS
    Online Donation Campaign
    Accepting Donations Now, click on DETAILS
    Online Donation Campaign
    Show your support for local survivors by fulfilling their tangible needs, requested by the District Attorney's Office. Check out the list of items needed, and donate the item itself or funds by clicking on the Details button below.
  • Hope Refuge Fundraiser
    Fundraiser is active now
    Go Fund Me
    Fundraiser is active now
    Go Fund Me
    The Franciscan Sisters of the Sacred Heart California Associates invite you to donate to Hope Refuge, a local safe home where underage survivors have access to education, safety, and medical care. Any amount helps survivors and future ones to come!
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